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What is the Interest Flex Payment option?

Interest Payment Flex allows BIA clients to choose the currency their interest is paid in. For example, if you currently have a BTC interest account with BlockFi, you can choose to receive interest in any of the offered currencies.

This means you can hold multiple assets in your BIA and get all of your interest paid out in the currency of your choosing at the interest rate of the currency you deposited. As an example, if you hold BTC, ETH, and USDC, you can elect to have all interest paid in BTC! This allows you to easily diversify your assets without having to buy new crypto.

At the end of each month, our system checks if a client has opted into this feature. If so, all accrued interest will be paid in the selected currency. Our system will perform this calculation based on market prices at the time of the interest payment, subject to a ~1% administration fee per our Terms of Service. All accrued interest will then be displayed as a single payment transaction within the BlockFi dashboard. For more information please review our FAQs here.